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Hygiene Therapy in Reading

Healthy mouth, healthy body

Your oral health is often referred to as a ‘window’ to your overall health. With this in mind, we strive to ensure our patients have a clean and well-maintained mouth to help them live a healthy and confident lifestyle!

During your initial appointment, our hygienist will assess your oral hygiene and devise a customised oral health plan to help improve and maintain your dental health.

This plan can include:

  • Stain Removal
  • Whitening Treatment
  • Treatment of Sensitive Teeth
  • Treatment and Prevention of gum disease
  • Fluoride treatment

Meet Alex, our friendly hygienist

Alex (GDC No: 237677) graduated from the Dental School of Budapest in 2005 and has experience in Private and NHS Practice.

Hygiene Appointments

Tooth brushing cannot remove plaque that has hardened over time (calculus) and only removes soft deposits in the mouth. The presence of hardened deposits will lead to gum disease which is why we recommend regular scale and polish treatments with the hygienist. It is important to see your hygienist for regular cleans to keep the gums healthy, and to prevent problems later down the line!

This treatment may be done in one appointment or spread across two appointments depending on the amount of deposits visible and the health of the gums. For patients with advanced gum disease we recommend 3-monthly visits with the hygienist for ‘deep cleaning’ of the gums.

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Hygiene Appointments

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